Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Guest Article for Colorfools

I wrote this article for a friend of mine, thought it would be great to post it here too!

An Ode Eyes, Colors and Chemical Soup

Helo! This Is Jin!

Here’s a fun article about eyes and color! I will first break down how your eye perceives color, and show how it affects the brain. My theory is that we need to understand the mechanics of your eye, because it has much power over your body, mind and spirit.

The Eye Mumbo Jumbo

Your eye is an ingenious mechanism.  Whoever who invented it is a genius or was inventing under influence.

It is so amazing that it is a mini machine with many important functions that enable us to see.

You see the ability to see depends heavily on light.

When light is reflected of something, the light comes into our eyes through the pupil and is flipped upside down by a clear lens behind your iris.

The image is then projected through the body of the eye, aka corpus viktrum onto the retina, where color vision happens in a so many creative ways.

Your eye has 2 types of vision cells called rods and cones.

Rods are long, and cylindrical cells that give you night vision and the sight for general shapes and forms.

The Cones however are responsible for daytime vision, color vision and the finer details that we see.

Cones are turned on with a certain amount and spectrum of light.

Think about this, without light, no color.

You have more rods than cones, a funny design.

When images enter our eyes in the form light, it projects onto the surface of the retina and that creates a whole lot of chemical reaction.

The light turns on your cones and rods.

The cones can differentiate color by its unique frequency. If you didn’t know each color has its own wavelength, kinda like color-codes in pantones.

Your cones and rods send signals to you brain through the optic nerve, allowing your brain to feel electric signals that becomes what we see.

Lord Help Me See Happy

Seeing, an important function of our 6 senses is key. Of course it is different when we work with the blind. But those of you reading this, don’t you think what you see can affect your brain and trigger emotions in your body?

Emotions are so not in your head. They are literal chemical and hormonal changes. You can read more about it with research by Candace Pert. In essence, you can load your body up with happy hormones aka endorphins, or stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol very, very quickly just by looking at things.

Think work documents, A.I files, Photoshop Files, or a picture of your puppy eating poop.

The funny thing about us is we are flooded by many things throughout the day. Happy Movies, Sad Movies, Scary movies, Cooking Shows, YouTube, dare I say it Movies That Should Not be Named.
We are literally creating a soup of emotions, and seldom people stop to think “What am emotional Soup I am cooking today in my body?”

The Experiment:
Let’s test this out, for 4 days feast your eyes on things that make you happy for at least 20minutes a day.

I don’t care how stress you are or how busy, just do it. This is your Colorfool Coach Mama Speaking! Increase your happy juice, or even better come and hang with us to see how each color can shift your body chemistry that result into changes in your body, mind and spirit really quickly.


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