Monday, September 24, 2012

A Special Magic Step 19: I Can Reduce Your Stress in 4 Posts

1st Post:

Attempt this posts anytime. This is being incorporated into my stress relief e-book that is on the way. Those who steal this will suffer...and I do mean...S-U-F-F-E-R....suffer....suffer....

BUT! Make sure you do it towards some good ol' resting time.

You can do it at work if you want to dial up a calm sedative mood.

I get emergency calls a lot.

It comes in through Facebook, phone, What's App...etc...etc...about things breaking down.

Health. Body. Mind. Nerves. Relationships. Coffee machines. Laptops. Phones. Bank Accounts. Enzyme. Food in their belly. Flying Pigs. HA! Caught you, there are no such thing as a flying pig, or could it?

So I thought I wrote this posts for my peeps. Guys, use these posts, I swear they work. I do it myself too.

It is designed to relax you wherever you stress juice is on the barometer.

These exercises only require some simple stationery.

Make it designer if you are funky.

For this post we are only going to deal with L-O-O-K-I-N-G at its ugly butt and then soothing it cooling cream.

Your first step is grab a post-it.

Next step. Grab whatever writing/drawing tool you have around you. Use whatever.

Your task is to doodle your stress into a grumpy lil monster. You are humorizing you stress. Yes I invented that word.

Putting it on paper allows you to sense and express that non verbal energy built up in your system. Humourizing reduces its power and makes it your pet.

Name it.

Consider where does this monster live in your body, and what does it want?

Take 3 deep breaths. Let the inhale be as long as your sighing exhale. Wish yo' monster:

"May you be well and happy,
May you be free from suffering,
May you rest & heal".

Do this a couple of times until you find relief.

When you complete this, rest before the next post.

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