Breathing Space

"Take a moment to breathe. 

Slow down. 


It's all pretty lines until when it's time to do it. Some of us will feel like running. Some of us will feel like screaming. Some of us will eat the whole fridge just to avoid this slowing down.

Yet, it's here that we find all our answers, within. I know its sounds cheesy, but after working in this field for a while now, I gotta tell you people really have their own answers. 

There are always benevolent spirits trying to assist you no matter what the issue you are facing. There is only one condition that is required, that you are willing to heal or willing to change. 


Here's how I work, whether you call me on Skype or you work with me Live I will use a variety of tools to help you to one of 3 things:

1. Sleep or pass out to lalaland for integration
2. Cry to release
3. Get high(no vices involved)

The point is to get your mind out of the way and let your intuition begin to take over. 

I help people create breathing spaces, so that they can slow down and here their muse who is DYING to help them navigate the crazy pathways of life.

Come play! 

Here's a list of what people have come to me for during my practicing years: 
1. How to develop Self Compassion during shitty moments
2. How to lose Weight Peacefully without starving myself
3. How to shift crappy energy with the breath
4. Relaxation with energy healing-Oracle Cards, Reiki, Shiatsu, Sound Healing or Breathwork.
5. How to let go of the past.
6. How to listen to guidance that is coming through the body. 

There's a lot more, but I won't bore you with it. The point is always not the issue, but the barrage of thoughts that are blocking your intuition.

If you need a place to just slow down, breathe and listen to your own guidance, I am your guy.

Write to me at to get a free 30minute Skype Call to see if we're good to work together and we'll set up the details. 

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