Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Little Wonder

I see you little wonder,
Tiny as you are,
Sewing your home,
In a great big place.

Your tiny flight,
Makes my heart beat raise,
Just a simple being flying free,
Getting things done in almost unseen ways.

Your tiny eyes spot wonder,
Finding grub that to some,
Is not even worth the ponder,
You made a home from what is useless no longer.

Your tiny feet,
Lands from tree to tree,
Potentially sowing seeds as you live your tiny print,
Maybe soon a forest will be where you have been.

I see you Tiny Wonder,
You are in my being,
Even if you are a flicker,
You are enough to ripple.

Contemplated on a sit spot by Ian Jin Yap.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

You Are More Equipped Than You Know

At anytime, you definitely have all that you need to make things happen.

It's at your
and gut.

A Studious Mind sets the tone...imagine an old scholar still curious about the world.

A Blind Heart does not see, but feels its way to what is true and feels good.

The Zen Empty Rice Bowl has no expectations, but is ready for a new experience.

Well...also if you are hungry, you will definitely move to feed yourself too, LOL!

If you are full, it might impede blood flow to your brains, and you may not be able to enjoy the experience life is presenting.

Whatever your new experience, let yourself study it.

You can definitely refine it as you go with your heart, it does not have to be perfect.

And then as one of my mentors Jessica Steward mentions, "...Stay Curious..."

Let life bring back the ingredients, you can probably create a new flavour from the experience.

You got this.  
Don't look back. 
You Got this. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What is Your Current Mood Glasses?

Bring your mood to life!

Well...into a craft project.

Grab some paper, to do this silly craft game. 

Catch up with your body, by breathing and take the time to feel.

Draw out your funky outline of your Mood Glasses.

Represent your thoughts, the feelings your body, within the outline of the frame.

Get some colored plastic and patch up the colors of your lenses. 

Wear it.

What colors is your world basking in; my awesome friend?

Do you love it?

If you don't, try it with better colored thoughts. 

Experience your world again. 

Get cosy with feeling better, after all its your natural mood sight.

How is it natural you ask?

By virtue of how you are feeling better, safer and warmer.

Monday, December 9, 2013

A Gift for The Holiday Season

Some days you can only focus on just one day. 

Just one. 

It's free, 

download it, 

print it, 

play with it.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ordinarily Awesome

I contemplating many things lately.

Well I don't seem to stop doing that.

But specifically, I have been contemplating on how to redo this blog and thinking of ways to refocus in my mission. 

Starting this journey, was a hilarious one. In my world then at 18ish of age, there was no other career that I wanted to be. 

I wanted to be a cartoonist. 

Then there was terror from blood tribe aka family. You know what they say, "There's no money in that! You are going to starve in the streets." or sometimes "You'd have to be really really good to do that."

With a whole other host of things that contributed to me being depressed and feeling hopeless, I enrolled myself to the kingdom of self-help, to get help to untie this icky sticky state. 

Then I got to know about being a Healer and a Coach, got trained, and forgot all about drawing. 

Simply because it is O-R-D-I-N-A-R-Y.

How silly, to give up what I do naturally just because it was ordinary?

Can you relate? 

What if being ordinary is awesome. 

Here are some benefits of being ordinary when your being you:
  1. Sustainability: You don't have to constantly puff yourself to the point of burnt out.
  2. Authenticity: There's no need to pretend what your not.
  3. Real Peeps: Only those who resonate will stay, the rest will grow webs and fall into a deep sleep.  
  4. Permission to Relax: You start to show others that it is okay to just be who they are. 
The reality is no one is perfect, if you hang with your heroes you realize their humanity is their divinity. It's so paradoxical, yet sense making. 

What's better is that we are our heroes.

We're just a thought a way from that realization.

What would you do if you realize what is ordinary about you is awesome? 

I am excited to see :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Magic Person Love: Sarah Bamford Seidelmann

I LOVE Sarah Bamford Seidelmann.

She wrote a freakishly awesome book named, Born to FREAK.


What struck me the most is how raw and honest Sarah writes, it’s not your pretty self help pink unicorn book.

You see, many a times when you go into any form of therapy or self help thingies, the first thing most people tries to do is make you go corporate, aka rehabilitating the freak.

To fit in you need to be prim and proper.


Suit up.
No room for mistakes or allowing authenticity.

 “You got to STAND IN LINE!”


This book however embraces the quirks and queers of Freaks from many different connections: ADD, high sensitivity, Autism, Addicts, Bohemians, Queers, Black Sheeps, and Change Agents…etc.
How cool is that?

Sarah’s writing style is deeply conversational, you can almost hear her voice reading to you through the pages. She shares her story of how embracing her own freakishness has helped move her life forward to the life that resonates with her, demonstrating to the community around her the Epic-ness of embracing her freakishness.

Laced at the end of every chapter are thought expanding freak-dojo questions that challenge you to surf towards your True’s Heart’s Desire. Without glossing change with pink paint, we are empowered at every step of the way to hang 10, by walking to the front of our life’s surfboards and merges with the wave. As you know surfing like life is not always pretty.

In Alice’s words (The Magic Elephant in the book)

“Sink in your bewilderment for 3-5 minutes. Then go right back to being kick-ass.”

There will be challenges, there will be black mambas that cause to shrink in fear, but if you let it, it will guide you to peaceful knowing and the feeling of being utterly supported by the universe.

That’s just a snippet of what you can see in this book.

I truly highly madly deeply funkily recommend this book.

Quoting a question from Sarah:

“What’s the first thing you’d do if you had a boat load of true power?”


I’d craft a teddy bear, sounds a lil cray for a boy to craft? Good, the world needs our mad fuckery.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


I am revamping the blog and reopened the blog with a book review, lil changes will be happening as my critters tweak and tinker!