Simple Kindness are on going projects to bring basic necessities to people. It's my own little outreach projects done within my tiny human capacity and my ever awesome family & friends, joined with you we can be awesome!

The last project I did was called Project 500, it was basically bringing 500 meals to Cambodia for those who really struggle to make a living, let alone find meals.That's the team! The lady in pink is a food super hero, her name is Mavis, she owns www.touchalife.org.my. She feeds those in need, so that they can go on meet their life needs.

The guy in Green is Kosal, he's the center manager. The lady in blue is their friend Dana. The other 2 guys are my buddies who came along to help!

We brought 4000-5000meals over to Cambodia. It shocked me out of my tiny goal. People are always available for kindness.

We were blessed by simple kindness and the sweetie pies of Cambodia.

A journey that I will never forget.

Join us if spreading kindness is your thing. Cambodia is really a heart project, that I feel moved to assist.
See that brown hair? It is not hair dye. Those are signs of malnourishment.

There are many sports in the world that needs help, but if you chose to help Cambodia and like some details on how you can contribute, you can write to me at ianjinyap@gmail.com.


  1. Jin - your website makes me happy. Love to you

    Donna Reed