HARRO. My name is Ian!

Welcome to the Gentle Giant Blog.

Who is this Gentle Giant?

It's an archetype that I noticed in people, that quiet energy that rises whenever their put into to difficult spots. 

I am ever curious of exploring this energy pattern with people.

You know those peeps who are quiet and meek but somehow have a lot of magic around them, but they go on with their ordinary lives? They just seem to do their thang and their just plain awesome?

That's what I am talking about and am curious to explore in this blog. I have an aspiration to unleash this in people too.

I am a certified Martha Beck Life Coach. That's my badge below. 

I run a life coaching practice, teach courses, doodle and write about tiny big things that can create a life we treasure. 

Right now am curious to integrate the power of play into lives, the reason? 

To see what people can do if their given breathing spaces to sink into the inner Giant and take that tiny big step forward. 

My Coaching Philosophy:

There's an inner Gentle Giant in all of us, waiting to be uncovered.

A Giant who maybe shy and embarrassed that he or she might have just crushed their neighbor by attempting to take a step forward to their desires. (No one died sweetheart, you can keep going!)

Look Alive! There is delicious creative adventures that are waiting to be uncovered.

My Curiosity has brought me to:
  • Work as a Life Coach at Meridians Japanese Healing Arts
  • Study Crazy Easy Ways of creating change to improve the quality of lives.
  • Training myself to be a Yoga Ninja. 

The Biggest Challenges I have conquered so far in my life:
  • Heal myself from violent unstable mood swings and created a sustainable life that I want. 
  • Lost weight, I lost about 10 kgs in 2 years. 
  • Taught myself how to think visually in order to graduate at Uni-I suffer from bouts of dyslexia and ADHD.
  • Rebuild my finances after losing all my savings.

My Work & Journey: 

  • I studied Life Coaching at 2012 with Martha Beck, one of Oprah's Experts. 
  • Worked as a copywriter for 2 years at Medium-Sized Agency, thought it would be a great challenge for my dyslexic self. I freelanced for 4 years.
  • I have written brochures, websites, company profiles, poster, scripts, conceptualize events for many different individuals and corporations. 
  • I have an intense fascination of Metaphysics, Mysticism and any random info that can improve lives since I was 17. Yet, I love silly. 

Random Facts: 
I deeply value creativity, play and freedom. I like Miso. I like Salmon. I love Food. Nature is my happy pill. I live in Malaysia. I am exploring the power of pleasure. I am getting ready to backpack in Taiwan and Bali. Definitely want to be a Yoga Teacher someday. My all time favorite movie is House Bunny, so inappropriately good. I love feeding people. Intense fascination of cartoons. Indulges in music that puts my soul at ease.