Kind Words

"Ian is a spiritual, magical and practical healer. In Ian you will find all the qualities and strengths you hope to find in a great mystical, mind-body and energy practioner: He is a shaman, a wizard and a man of deep experiential knowledge.
Ian guided me recently through the most beautiful, revealing and cathartic visualization exercise that I have ever experienced (and he did it from 8700 miles away!). 
Through this exercise I was able to find clarity, authentic peace and the practical resolution to the painful emotional dilemma I was confronting once I was able to align my mind, body and my spiritual core with the evidence and the intuitive knowledge I had at hand. 
Hire Ian and allow yourself to be transformed and blessed by the ancient, highly intuitive and very effective techniques, tools and resources he utilizes as part of his daily practice as a spiritual healer, mind-body master and unparalleled facilitator of reinvigorating and healing breathwork."
Pedro F. Báez, LVN, CLC, CHC
Certified Life and Health Coach
Thought Work and Life Skills Educator
Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

"Ian  is  the  most  gentle  healer  I  have  ever  met .  And  yet ,  Ian's  work  is  very  powerful . I  have  experienced  significant  breakthroughs  in  my  health  and  general  wellbeing  under  him .  He  is  kind  and  patient ,  and  is  truly  a gifted  individual .

I  enthusiastically  recommend  him  as  an  excellent  healer ,  and  insist  everyone  get  the  opportunity  to  experience  his  unique  talent!"

-Mariza Abdulkadir, Executive Director-

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Jin in university and as we got to know each other better, our friends discovered that he had a gift- healing people. Two years go, I went through a rough patch in my relationship and in short, bad decisions were made at my expense and I did not know how to deal with the aftermath.

Soon enough, it affected my relationship with people around me. I decided to seek mind-body coaching from Jin because I knew I was losing myself.

Never judgemental and keen listener, I knew I was in safe hands. The exercises we did were simple and child-like (I don't mean this in a pejorative manner by the way)- we would draw simple things and talk about the problems I was facing and why certain images or colors would dictate or influence my emotions and outlook. He taught me how to handle the situation better.

He made me understand that deep down inside, the change had to start within myself, which took a while to happen but it did nevertheless and little by little I started to feel like my old self again. Thank you, Jin"

-Melanie, Writer-

"Mind Body Coaching with Ian was a very powerful & refreshing experience. Four sessions in the pool and I am already feeling like I have advanced so much in my life. Ian started session with talking about what has happening then and then we processed with creative games. I liked that a lot as it really helped me reframed how I felt and view the events. We did some water breathwork.

The water breath was a totally new experience for me and being a seasoned breather, i felt that water breathwork was really powerful and it really brings me straight to the core of the story. I felt really safe in Ian's hands (literally) and floating in water while breathing felt like a cocoon.

During the water breath, I felt that we managed to clear many of my past imprints. Although I felt good after the session, I really felt the effects taking place as I was doing life later on. For example, during the session I brought up the fact that I have lots of anxiety when I am facing authority figures.

We worked on it and during the water breathing, I remembered that I was gravely punished as a toddler when I was young, Ian helped me to bring it to the light and showered it with healing colors. I felt good and more relaxed about the situation.

The real effect came later in the week! When it came to deciding major life changing decisions, I was completely at peace and not feeling the anxiety as if I'd get into trouble again.The fear seems to have lifted, I felt empty and light. That's just one amongst many of my profound experiences participating with mind-body coaching with Ian.

The lightheartedness and humor that Ian brings to the session creates a less serious ambience- which really helped me in not wallowing in the drama. Even though coaching was a lot of work, he has a way to bring enjoyment and it makes me look forward to the next session."

-May, Career Coach-

"Just had a coaching session with Ian Jin Yap through Skype, feeling lighter and breathing better. Big Chunks off my chest and throat. Thanks Jin, you are wonderful!"

-Caitlin, Mother & Therapist-

"You were a Big Help! Thank You!"
-Julia, Student-

Regarding her gastric:
"Jin Yao (My real name) you are amazing, just through Facebook and you can do this? Imagine the magic in real life, I am feeling much better and more relaxed!"
-Chow Hui, Counselor in Training-

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