Monday, September 24, 2012

A Special Magic Step 20: I Can Reduce Your Stress in 4 Posts

2nd Post:

Puppies need lots of support in their first month of life.

As do you, at any age.

At every condition.

Don't be such a wuss, receive some self care, it is awesome!

Relax child!

Come on guys, this is germane to your body, mind and spirit development.

Anyhoo, for your next post it, you are gonna attempt to communicate with your monster.

Say you named your monster ytuhahatambien.

I want to invite you to do some automated writing.

Pretend you are Oprah, Anderson Cooper, Janet Hsieh or your own favourite tv host.

Ask ytuhahatambien this question...

"Insert name, why are you here and what you here to help your owner for?"

Write out that thing in your mind, right away.

Don't think. Be silly. It does require a bit of acting and pretending. Act as if its your Oscar moment.

Write the answer on a post it, paste it next to your first post-it.

Take the interview in.



Spank you own ass for a job well done, whether you are a boy, girl or in-between.

Your sexy and you know it.

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