Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Magic Step 18: Doodle Your Itch

I just read an article by Grant Eckert that articulates my thoughts of making art. I don't mean just art as in a funky teapot. I mean art in all forms. Maybe you are an artist, wordist, dancer, singer...etc etc.

So here's the lil para that i love.

"...Art is very important in helping the brain reach its full potential.

How does art accomplish this?

It introduces the brain to diverse cognitive skills that help us unravel intricate problems. 

Art activates the creative part of our brain - the part that works without words and can only express itself non-verbally. 

Art, in thought and through the creative processes, activates the imaginative and creative side, the spatial and intuitive side of our brain. 
Art jumps over the process of linear and logical thinking. 

It trains the brain to shift into thinking differently, of broaching old problems in new ways."

In simple English, your itch to doodle may just be the thing to shift your brain. Imagine having the ability to express those non-verbal feelings.

How do you represent your itch?

Your Joy?

Your love?

Your depression?

It would be so useful to full acknowledge what you are really really really feeling.

Something that words can't do.

Think I am going to Foo-Foo? Here's what Grant says more about it referencing an awesome Professor.

"Dr. Semir Zeki, 

 former professor of neurobiology at the University College, London and co-head of the Welcome 

Department of Cognitive Neurology, published an article, "Artistic Creativity and the Brain," in Science Magazine 

in July 2001.

 Zeki detailed the relationship between the development of cognitive abilties and the creative process. He stated 

artististic is the key to comprehending ourselves. He also considered art and its expression as an expansion of 

brain function. In other words, art helps the brain its search for knowledge."

Now u can't say doodling is bad. It helps you understand what you are really feeling, so that you can acknowledge it, then let it go.

Get your doodle on! 

I'll say it again, get yo' doodle on child!

This one helps me rest and sleep.


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