Monday, August 6, 2012

Magic Step 17: Where Is My Worth?

Where is my worth?

is it a thing?

I wonder.

Is it in my tiny eyes?

my body.

Is in my thinking?

my mind.

Is it in my feelings?

my heart.

Is it in you?

The ones that makes me happy.

Is it in my creativity?

my artwork. 

It is my instincts?

my gut.

Is it my work?

my coaching.

Is it my money?

my bank.

Where is my worth?

Is it outside?

Is it inside?

I ponder. wonder.


I got this from one of my closest friends, miss Eva San, The Sacred Heartist. Its an amazing story book illustrated by Oliver Jeffers about a girl who put her heart in her bottle when someone she looked up to left.

It was not until she took her heart out from the bottle that she started playing again.

I feel our worth is in our hearts, our core.

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