Thursday, May 31, 2012

Magic Step 10: Make Soup

Beethoven said: "Only the pure in heart can make a good soup."

So it's time to get your heart on.

I got this idea when I was talking to Cornelius, the owner of the Center For Natural Therapies. Corny wanted to teach a class on shifting emotions using food, chopping vegetables, making smoothies...etc...etc...

I want to do it with you right here now!

So let's make you a good soup.

If you are following the steps chronologically.

You maybe feeling some icky! Maybe you finally told the truth or something, and it's too much to handle. No matter, don't suppress or oppress. Make soup!

You will need:
Ingredient(s) that represents your ick.
Ingredient(s) to help you heal your ick.
Any herb or spice for flavouring.
Salt & Pepper.

Decide on your own, refer to a recipe, no rules, just mix and match and hope it turns out delicious.

Get your ick ingredient(s). Smash it. Chop it. You are bashing your icky feeling. Getting it out. Acknowledging the icky. Feeeeeeel the poweeeeer!!!

Do a war cry! Cackle! Be theatrical!

Don't stop till your complete.

When you are finally done with the emotion, it's time to heal it.

Get your heal ingredient(s) do what you need with it and mix it with your ick ingredient (s). Reflect on each one to why they help you heal. i.e. cinnamon-gives me christmas, makes me feel like I m on holiday.

Blend it all. Fuse it. We are starting anew.

Boil the ingredients to desired temperature, allow the new scents, smell to infuse your body, mind and spirit with this healing soup.

Taste, and adjust the flavor if you need.

When it's cooked, drink up to your new spirit!

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