Thursday, May 31, 2012

Magic Step 9: Reviewing Stories Pt2.

Sample Story (My one minute scribble)

Once there was a young acolyte and Master

that lived in the temple on the high


It was the season of chestnuts.

The acolyte was never allowed to leave the

temple. But little that the night knew that

Young Acolyte has a friend, that visits

him every night...

Play with the first Step: Notice. Notice. Notice. What can you see about my mind?

Notice elements in your story and try to get a sense of what your inner genius is trying to say.

Pretend to be important elements, and get a few descriptions of it and see what it means.

Reflect on how you can use what you derive.

Me Revisiting My Story:
I personally feel stuck in my day most of time and I see treats ( the chestnuts as a form of adventure, excitement) outside my stuckness. (Temple- A place where I need to be that feels like sick holiness.)

Here we can apply Magic Step 2: Feel. Feel. Feel what is really going on.
Never allowed to leave the temple. (Never allowed to breach my day to day life.)

At every night (opportunity) A friend (imagination, posibility, creativity) comes to visit...
Then we can apply Magic Step 3: Tap Tap Tap...

Time to practice a new resource.

Time to play with possibilities.

That's how you can begin to play manipulate your stories.

Time to rewrite my story.

Knowing what you know now how would you apply the other steps to take this practice further?

I know I m going to some guerrilla ninja kindness that helps first me see new possibilities and then help you see new possibilities.

Scott C's take on Hayao Miyazaki's Totoro Story.

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