Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Magic Step 11: Sharing Soup

Continuing the last post, I bet you suspect that I am going to share with you my emo-transformation-soup.

Unfortunately I bet you won't like it.


Making Soup can be very individual.

Only your people will like your soup.

I repeat.

Only YOUR PEOPLE will like your soup.

But even they can like your soup in a slightly unique way.

Soup like most things are a private choice. Not everyone likes pea soup, nor French Onion, nor Lotus Peanut Soup, nor Old Cucumber Soup.

I like Spicy Seafood Stew served up at a lil Korean Restaurant 25minutes away from my house, 15minutes if Xena possesses me.

Once I was in a restaurant trying out Duck's Tongue. That was before my most of my family members turned vegetarian.

I am still not vegetarian.

But I sure didn't really like duck's tongue.

In that day I made out with a duck and ate its tongue.


So much for exotic cuisine.

But truly, stuffing down your thinking, emotions, shoulds, should nots, can, can dos, is much like forcing someone to make out with Duck and then eating its tongue.

Or making someone ingest the chicken popo, not everyone appreciate such delicacies.

Bottom line.

Soup is personal.

Lives are personal.

The best you can do is make sure your soup is most delicious, feels good and nourishes the soul. Pretty soon, people will ask you for some of that.

That's when you know your soup party with your peeps are on the way.

Do not drink my soups unless you find it yummy.

As Martha Beck's Yoga teacher says: "Is it delicious? If it is not delicious it is not working..."

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