Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Magic Person Love: Jow Creations

Meet Jo, a stupendous extra yummilicious cupcake maker.

This is Jo, he makes cupcakes.

His full name is Lim Jo Weng, please don't steal his name or sell it to the Yetis.

I am taking the time to write this, because I absolutely love people who follow their dreams.

What you don't know about JOW is that he has a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance, from the prestigious University Melbourne.

He was also an investment banker with OSK Investment Bank.

Armed with a passion for food, finance, fashion, arts and animals, Jow set out to create his company JOW Creations.

JOW Creations is a mini powerhouse in the making, it has begun to make its mark as a hot-selling online cupcake business.

The thing that I love most about him was I asked him, "Did you get a lot of loose rap from other people?"

(*Loose Rap- People dissing your dreams, judging it, berating it...etc...etc when them lazy ass are too chicken shit to even take a step to their dreams)

He just nodded and said I m just going to do it, in the true malaysian way "...don't care lah*".

(*"...lah" is like "...ei" in Canadian)

So why did he do it? Simple.

He always knew he would. 

He used the training and exposure he got from the corporate world to hold his business together. Furthermore, he felt he had to start young where he was least risk averse and not bound to any major commitments.

Believing that every individual is unique and that they have their own talents and purpose, he crafted his business based on who he is and who he was growing into.

His Manifesto?
To Share & To Inspire.

In his own words: "....To share the good things in life....To use his story to inspire young entrepreneurs to be bold, confident and persistent in following their visions."

How cool is that? I feel so excited when people are waking up and bringing passion to whatever they do. What more that they start out young.

We can really learn from this, we can either focus on mouse view, and different crap we get from life, people and stinking thinking.

Or we can get off our behind and go for something bigger.

Will you be the next entrepreneur? Creative?

Or are you just gonna sit, bitch and judge on the sidelines.

Your choice.

It takes balls, it may hurt, things may breakdown, you will fail, you will suck, at least it is something worth living for.

Take a step no matter how small it is.

I can't wait to see what Jo is up to next. I'll let you know again soon.

For Now:
1. Check out his website: www.jowcreations.com
2. The Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/JowCupcakes?ref=ts&fref=ts
3. If you are within cupcake durability distance, check out the flavours and make and order at http://www.jowcreations.com/flavours.html
4. Go dance.

These are cupcakes, order and eat.

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