Friday, July 20, 2012

Magic Step 15: Take Chew Pew (Chill Pill)

Being human is hilarious at most times.

We are the only creatures who can scare ourselves with our own thinking.

A simple thought like "My milkshake does not bring anyone to the yard..."

Can cause trigger of a horrible fight or flight response in our bodies.

Not only you will panic. Your blood pumps and leaves your vital organs to your hands and legs, preparing you to run.

Adrenaline & cortisol starts pumping vigorously. You may feel high. You may feel manic. Your heart my pump a lot.You may wanna bash someone up. You wanna run. Or You may freeze. You may even start hallucinating.

If you are woman, you will have all of the above.You have additional oxytocin, making you want bond with people. So you may find yourself offering sushi to the ones you are trying to protect in times of stress. No you are not crazy, its actually ingenious because your body naturally helps with the peace process.

So ladies, you have the upper advantage.

The previous steps are emphasizes so much on thinking, the stories you tell in your head.

Because it is the basis of mind body health.

Long periods of panic, and trust me many of us can constantly trigger off the fight or flight response many times through the day can cause huge damages to the body.

Some of which is:
  • Weight retention: Your body thinks you are at war, and tends to store energy, so you can bash the enemy.
  • Your vital organs have less blood, causing digestion to slow down resulting to a slow and steady breakdown of your body. (This is the start of most diseases, a lower immunity)
  • You can't sleep, it adds on to your misery.
  • You may hallucinate, causing you to think everyone around you is plotting to sacrifice you to the neighborhood demon lhama. 
  • A tired body comes from a tired mind, you may have a whirling thoughts of how your milkshake sucks.
  • You start to fantasize eating your family and friends and selling your co-workers and bosses as slaves.
Take chew pew! Lol

Poke fun at your thinking.

Use the previous steps to slow you down enough to switch on the parasympathetic mode. In english, it just means the rest and relax response.

Notice How you are feeling. Pause. Make soup. Poke fun at the story. Master this, and we'll start play with some more fun quirky steps!

If you feel everyone around you are jerks, you can definitely know you are locked on to some scary thinking. Do some guerilla ninja kindness to start seperating from "Me, me...ME!!!" thinking, and start expanding your awareness and connect with people around you.

Do it YOUR way, cause it is the only that works for you!

Could not find the name of the artist, but this is genius!

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  1. you are super right about the brain being the weapon that can turn on you, and the worse part, held by your very own hands. we shall all just relax and chew pew! =)