Monday, May 28, 2012

Magic Step 8: Guerilla Kind Ninja

Today, let's play ninja.

Let's do some Guerrilla Kind Play. This simply just mean committing a random act of kindness.

There's a lot of madness in the world today, and kindness is an underdeveloped muscle.

One of the first kind things you can do, is to be kind towards yourself.

Pick something that can really make you feel better, anything at all.

It has to be an act of loving kindness towards yourself.

So you can play with treats, movie, massage, reading your favourite book, drawing.

Trust it.

Do it.

Let yourself fill up with with kindness.

Fill it up.

Then share it.

Pick something easy.

It can be as easy as a smile, a compliment, to something tangible like buying food to hungry kids.

But the key is you MUST to do it ninja style.

Let it be quiet and stealthy, like a kind thief that steals through the night, leaving goodies for those in need.


Because it is between you and your higher power.

Practice this step everyday, nurture you than slowly reaching out.

Increase the intensity of the kind act slightly each time.

i.e. from smiling to greeting to hugging...etc...etc.

Be sure it is guided by appropriateness and spiritual wisdom.

No harming yourself or anyone.

Let your genius guide you.

You can do it!

My Kind Ninja act today is

Grabbing a random company's brochure and placing it into people's mail boxes.


The company is not doing well.

or is it true that this is my kind ninja act?

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