Sunday, May 5, 2013

Square 1: Death & Rebirth Malaysia

I am writing this not as bashing post to anyone, by no means pointing the finger.

But, a Reframe and an awareness needs to be put forward.

Malaysians and our peace loving ways has gotten the best of us that wolves has sneaked into the  governance of our country for many many years.

The desire to maintain the Status Quo.

The attitude of not rocking the boat, and keeping the peace.

The attitude of "Nevermind-lah" better known as our laid back "Tidak-Apa" attitude has gotten the best of us.

The attitude of they know better, let them handle it.

The attitude of safekeeping that lil bit of comfort that we have.

This dangerous attitude that bled into our homes and made us think we are smaller than we are.

Today marks a sad day, a mourning if you will of our beloved country, where the educated masses has realized fully that bandits run the country.

Coincidental blackouts happening throughout the country, and magical ballots appearing like the silent fart of a Dictator that pollutes the air.

Phantom voters who can appear to vote and re-vote.

The police and even by the means of our own people who worked for the government have betrayed us in terms of a Clean & Fair Vote.

Even Gollum would look prettier in a gown of peace in comparison.

Democracy died in Malaysia Today.

But if you will take a look closely, my lovely Rakyat.

Our beloved people, the fact that 80% of us showed up today to vote has made all the difference.

For the first time in a long time, we have stood up again for one another.

We did not turn a blind eye.

We got out of our comforts and attempted to do something.

We DID something.

There is an interesting phenomena in Facebook where many have commented it is time to migrate, this country is useless.

It reminded me of how many of our ancestors too thought the same when they migrated from their homelands, that it was hopeless to prosper and live in peace if they remained.

They moved.

They won.

They moved again.

They won again.

You get the picture.

You can't keep running.

There is a time where you stand up and be an adult and claim full responsibility.

As a Nation, many of our youths and young adults have lost sight of our own authentic power.

Our ancestors too forgot about that power, and ran to maintain that iddy-biddy bit of peace & comfort they can find.

We compare that the grass is greener on the other side.

We compare that they get better education on the other shore.

We compare that they have better talents by rights of what they decree.

We compare and despair then lost sight of our own unique talents and abilities that are also in us.

Many the gifted has left.

Some remained.

Some were too afraid to even embrace a little piece their own gifts.

To You Malaysia, I Mourn deeply with my shattered broken heart.

To You Malaysia, I Rejoice with my budding hope.

Maybe this needed to happen for us to own our own power, to forge forward to make a change.

Maybe this needed to happen for us to play bigger as Malaysians & Real Adults.

Quit it, we are no longer children.

End it, we are no longer victims.

The Rebirth has only just begun.

Malaysians, this is it, time to learn to walk & trust our own instincts.

Play Big Now, It Is Time.

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