Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Magic Step 25: Be Brave

I made many mistakes recently.

I don't think I have stopped making mistakes since I was born.

But why do I even see it as a mistake?

One of my favorite people in the world Nina Wise, the wise teacher and performing artist was grieving weeks after her father's death after a retreat.

In that meditation retreat, the Facilitator taught them to meditate openly.

Allowing all thoughts and feelings to arise and pass away in the big sky of consciousness.

However, each time she meditated, a powerful grief would arise.

She tried to sink into her true nature and recognize herself as pure light, pure emptiness, however, the feelings would not dissipate

The facilitator said, "You do not grief into light,"

"You grieve."

The facilitator was Tsokyi Rinponche.

He goes on to explain, a Bodhisattva is being a who upon becoming enlightened vows to always embody in human form and dedicate his or he life to altruistic action in effort to alleviate suffering of all beings.

He continued.

"'Sattva' means courage, becoming a Bodhisattva does not mean you do not suffer. Becoming a bodhisattva means you become a warrior and are willing to feel deeply the suffering that is a part of human life..."

"...As you build your courage and open yourself more and more to feeling this pain, then you develop true compassion. And as compassion arises, the pain is no longer suffering; the pain is also joy because the heart is broken open.

As they say in Judaism, "A broken heart is the gateway to heaven."

Can I let myself break apart?

Can You let yourself break apart?

My hunch is so many of us suffer, because life did not turnout perfect.

We try.

We fail.

We fall flat.

We are sad.

We self bash.

We hide.

We stop feeling.

We self paralyze.

A question to ponder, "Why?"

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