Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quirky Experiment: True Beauty Shop 5

Meet Alexandra Amor! She is my awesome classmate in the MBI Life Coach Training. She is a mindful Weight Loss Coach who helps sensitive woman drop the struggle and lose weight joyfully. 

Alexandra is also an award-winning author! How Lucky am I to find her to interview her!

She's really pretty! Most of all she's been through an amazing journey that allows her to share her soul with everyone she meets.

1. What is True Beauty to You?
For me, True Beauty comes from the soul. I think of beauty as a kind soul, a warm heart, a connectedness to oneself and one's inherent value. Nature is truly beautiful, and we are all a part of nature.

2. Why do you think people are losing their True Beauty?
If someone becomes disconnected from their True Beauty I expect it is because they have become disconnected from their authentic self. I think of people I know who seem to have lost any inner beauty they might have had and they have lost their connection to themselves. They are searching for something from outside themselves to fill the spaces inside them, and that never works.

3. How do people find True Beauty?
It sounds cliché, but I think we need to look within for True Beauty. When we heal our wounds (as much as possible) and fill ourselves up with the things that matter to us and that bring us joy, only then are we able to truly appreciate ourselves and our true beauty.

4. Was it challenging finding your own?
It was very challenging. I survived an emotionally and psychologically abusive childhood only to fall into a spiritual cult in my early 20s. When I left the cult in my early 30s I had a lot of healing work to do on myself in order to find out who I really was and what my soul wanted to express. But the hard work to heal those wounds was SO worth it. Through the healing work I connected deeply with my values and my passions - the things that bring True Beauty into my life.

5. How was your journey like?
My journey searching for the True Beauty of my soul has been fun and exciting and also hard work and demanding at times. I am thrilled to be surrounded by people (like Jin!) who are on a similar journey; that always makes things easier. I love that I have experienced difficulty at times because it has helped me to grow and to appreciate the beauty around me, in people, in life's flow and in nature.

6. What do you recommend people do to find their True Beauty?
I think that when we search for True Beauty, what we need to realize is that it's already there within us, waiting for us. We are all beautiful and lovingly created aspects of life. We don't need to find True Beauty as much as recognize it in ourselves.

7. Any magic question that you'd like to leave for the readers?
The question that started me on my journey was this: What is true for you that you are afraid to acknowledge? This can be a scary question to answer, but it is also liberating. We cannot know ourselves, and our True Beauty, until we acknowledge what is true for us.

Alexandra Amor is a Mindful Weight Loss Coach who works with sensitive women who want to drop the struggle with themselves and lose weight joyfully. Find out more and download the free ebook, "Four Thoughts That Are Making You Fat…and What to do About Them" at 

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