Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quirky Experiment: True Beauty Shop 4

I interviewed one of my bestest friends! She is the lovely Joeanne Foo, PR & Media Exec of a famous Retail Experience here in Malaysia.

I thought it would be fun to interview someone who is not a coach. Some one more civilian but who has found a way to love themselves.

I love hangin' with Jo, she has awesome spirit. Definitely one of the most intelligent and creative people I know who is a person of substance.

Let Jo's interview give you a new perspective!

1. What is True Beauty to You?
True Beauty to me is this inner shine / light that you find yourself drawn to in an individual.
If you break it down, ultimately, on a personal level, it is all about feeling.

How one feel about oneself will be reflected on the outside and translated when he/she is with others or doing something.

True beauty to me is the essence of oneself.

2. Why do you think people are losing their True Beauty?
There are too many reasons for this but a main contributing factor I feel, is that we care too much about what others think.

Too many parties to please and too dependent on what we think the 'general consensus of beauty' is.

We focus too much on the outside, the person we need to present to the world that we lose touch with ourselves.

3. How do people find True Beauty?
I think every self discovery journey is personal and very different from one another.

If i single out an element of beauty, say appearance, it could be one day you wake up in the morning and suddenly you feel that- to hell with the world, I'm wearing whatever I please OR

it could take something a little more extreme like a near death situation starving yourself to look like Kate Moss or Alexa Chung.

What most people do not realise is that there's only ONE Kate Moss, ONE Alexa Chung, ONE Beyonce, and since I'm on a roll here, ONE Lady Gaga, so why can't you just be ONE you? =)

4. Was it challenging finding your own?
I wouldn't say YAY I MADE IT! at this point but everyday is a work-in-progress.

Sometimes I get bad days and sometimes I get good days.

But what I find most comforting is that the more I believe in loving myself and be grateful of the little things that I have, I have more good days =)

5. How was your journey like?
There are many components to beauty but I will single out weight (appearance) as my struggle as it was this lesson that taught me to appreciate the other components of beauty.

Since I was born, it was pretty obvious that I was never set out to be skinny, the aunties who loved to pinch my chubby cheeks can vouch for this =) When you're from a small town and your grandpa is quite a popular chef, it will be not normal if you're not fat.

On top of that, I am blessed with a group of friends who have never seen me as the fat kid, god bless their kind little hearts. It wasn't until college that I wanted to lose weight and be able to fit into nice clothes as most girls I saw in college were always strutting around in their nice clothes. So i self DIY-ed crazy and dangerous diets and lost over 30kg in about 1 year.

I thought I found the happiness I was yearning for at the end of it but I was wrong. I didn't feel any different. After going through years of yo yo diet, somehow, I just snapped one day and decided it's high time to love my body and respect it. Irregardless of what size I am, I am loving this body no matter what.

Sometimes I can lose a few kgs for an event or sometimes I can be 2kg extra than my ideal weight but in each of those times, something will remain unchanged, my love for my body.

That is not to say I do not have insecurities, I probably have lots of them but hey, I will not torture my body to deal with them. We are all flawed creatures, if we are so god damn perfect, i say the world will be a very boring place.

6. What do you recommend people do to find their True Beauty?
Love yourself and let that do the works for you.

7. Any magic question that you'd like to leave for the readers?
What is the one thing you'd like to do for yourself today?

That's me & Jo in the middle :) 

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  1. aww jin, it's so sweet that i'm sharing a space on this lovely blog or yours =) and that picture is one of the best ones simply because i was so happy hanging out with you and judy!