Sunday, June 10, 2012

Quirky Experiment: True Beauty Shop 3

An interview

I interviewed Cornelius, the owner of Center Natural Therapies. Cornelius is one of the most real people that I know, who is very authentic and open.

I personally have seen him coached people into finding their own beauty. I also got coached to find my own, so I thought I start an interview with him.

Read the interview below!
1. What is True Beauty to You?
True Beauty to me is knowing who you truly are and being able to express your values and virtues to be shared to the world, in whatever circumstances.

2. Why do you think people are losing their True Beauty?
People are not loosing their True Beauty, they have just forgotten its existence, and might have replaced it with impermanent beauty.

3. How do people find True Beauty?
I don't think you can skip finding who you truly are, on many levels. That journey itself leads you to your inner knowingness of what is truly important to you and from there you express what resonate with you. Then you'll shine like a ray from the Sun because that is truly YOU!

4. Was it challenging finding your own?
It is always a privilege walking that path with a little sense of gratitude. Challenging maybe, especially when you think you can't pull through but yet you always will.

5. How was your journey like?
I had to breakdown the old "I" to come to the universal "I" and then redefine who "I" really am.

6. What do you recommend people do to find their True Beauty?
Always listen in, trust that inner guidance and most importantly "be aware". Awareness is the key to living a "real" life.

7. Any magic question that you'd like to leave for the readers?
Have you appreciate your True Beauty?

That's Cornelius next to me, we just did a crazy fun art retreat :) He's in the middle.

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