Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quirky Experiment: True Beauty Shop 2

So...I applied notice notice notice on myself.

Much like staring at humming birds in my garden hoping that they will speak to me like disney animals.  Let's leave that topic for another day.

So for my beauty shop experiment, I discovered that I too am plagued by nasties.

1. There's are the underwear models who I wanna be like, who make me feel flabby.
2. I ain't photogenic, am jealous that there are people with better photo pow-wow.
3. I turn myself into a toad bunny whenever I see someone hot on facebook, or magazines.
4. This happened to me about ooh...30-40 times.
5. I guess this reveals that I spend a lot of time oogling at people.


So just applying the experiment on me. You can apply it on you.

I ma going to deduce that:
a. Toad bunnies are looking for someone to validate their beauty.
b. Toad bunnies compare a lot.
c. Toad bunnies are always outside of their body, the present moment and not comfy within themselves.

This is even after reading and watching Margaret Cho's Revolution, and being in the sales and advertising industry for several years. I am well aware of everyone is just trying to sell someone something.

Some prefer to do it by tearing other's self esteem down.
Some prefer to point out benefits, to kind of show that you need it.
Some just shove it into our faces.

So, are Toad bunnies trapped forever? Doomed? Forever a monkey on an advertising circus trapeze swinging for approval?

Let's switch focus today.

Are there people/things in your life that are comfortable in their own skin?
How are their lives like?
Are they still enjoying beautiful things in life?

Start anywhere.

Let's see if anyone has walked this path before us.
Let's find some good evidences that finding our own oh-my-gawd-I-ma-gorgeus!

See you tomorrow!

This is awesome copywriting.

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