Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quirky Experiment: True Beauty Shop 6

It's funny when you decide to research something, you learn a lot about it experentially.

I had quite a difficult time when I took the time to contemplate the subject of true beauty and looking deeply at the 3 interviews I did.

Specifically, It was like my brain noticed all the places where I bash myself whenever I feel the pang of the jealous green monster.

(Man...the amount of times it farted in my head)

I m sure you know the moments, when you look at someone and you go, oh how I wished I look like that. How I wished I don't look like a bear. Oh how I wished I m not so big boned.

In the three interviews, I find it so interesting that all 3 looked within to find true beauty.

I would think that the first possibility is to go for better clothes, shoes, a higher nose, firmer breasts, bigger muscles and even bigger things that should not be named.

But there's something I realized too when I kept noticing when I try to form a firmer relationship with true beauty.

I realized Responsibility is one of the key ingredients to True Beauty.

I am responsible in me feeling good, body, mind, spirit style.

I am responsible in honoring my true beauty.

I am responsible to tweak my perception to go to my beauty, instead of hating on myself first.

I am responsible to care for my true beauty, so I can share it with the world.

I am responsible for me.

This experiment helped me realized that beauty is alive and I have to care for it.

If I don't even see that I m something to care for, and take steps for it, guess I'll be looking for Beauty in the wrong places.

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