Friday, May 18, 2012

Magic Step 1: Notice. Notice. Notice.

"The way you breathe, is the way you live", said Dehyana.

I was lying on my yoga mat and rolled my eyes like the exorcist.

" breathing is constricted..."I thought. I tried scheming of ways to try to take in more air.

"Feel your aware of what is going on in your mind", Dehyana reminded as she paced up and down the room.


I continued breathing hoping some divine light will penetrate my consciousness.

I noticed these thoughts as they pass through my lil brain.

"I am doing it wrong! I suck! This is stupid! Oh my god! Kill me Now! Wooo...I can eat nuggets right now. I wanna play World of Warcraft....OH YES! Breathe..."


I am sure you totally understand the feeling, even if you don't participate in any form of meditation or Breathwork. We are plagued by such thoughts even when we are just taking a dunk.

Many people have constricted breathing, or what Dehyana affectionately called Bird Breath. It is story that breath tells us about how humanity breathes and are constricted by their own thinking.

How is your breathing like?

Is it Constricted?

What is constricting you?

What can you do today that can make you breath better?




A Simple Exercise:
Try representing the way you breathe with words, colors, pictures...etc. Slowly, reflect with the 4 questions above.  

Today my breath feels like a Red Panda.

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