Friday, May 18, 2012

The Beginning

I am a boy. The one that day dreams and draws.

I help with a smile. It's my secret ninja weapon.

I help people find their inner genius, using amazing mind-body and creative living tools. 

I follow the ways of the quirk.

I have a fascination to folklore and stories.

I am ever fascinated by Magic.

I am right now practicing to master my genius.

I m jumped in the bandwagon of mysticism and self discovery after realising that I have lost the one thing that was super important to me.


That felt like giant toes stuffed into the wrong excruciating shoes.

Then, there she was. Her name was Dehyana, a Life Coach who hails from Canada.

At the point that I thought I would die as life felt like suffocating in Satan's Armpit.

She said to me "With Love All Things are Possible...".

The Magic Lady spoke.

The rest was history, I had to start letting go of fondling the nasty abyss of pain.

Ever since then, I went on to look for more magic people.

I was a seeker on steroids, I looked for their secrets and applied them to my life.

So why read me? Well, only because you want to.

I am the Teddyrella finding his new shoe.

These days they fit better.

If you are a person who is looking for some healing and self discovery using powerful tools to start lifting your face from the burrows of Satan's armpit.

I'll introduce the different magic people that I have met who you might wanna meet and contact yourself, and share my adventures, tools and tricks.

This blog holds the intention to heal, inject fun into the mishaps of self discovery that you and I go through everyday.

My first step today is I write to heal.

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