Thursday, November 29, 2012

Going Goop 1: Midwife

This doodle I did a few months ago in Bali. It was one of my favorite trips of all time. One of the highlights of my year.

It was a great birthday celebration with a group of friends who were within the same month. I was so blessed in this trip.

I felt like I received a boon from the Divine Mother in Bali, and wanted to capture the feeling.

So that's how this doodle came about.

We were in a lil jazz place, we were waiting for dinner, and I started to doodle.

Then, The Midwife happened. I felt flowers and leaves, and maiden holding the possibility of miracles.

Its 10cm x 15cm ink piece, done on water color paper.

I framed it up in an IKEA, ERNTORP frame.

I thought it looked like the sun.

If she's calling you, she's yours.

The Prayer for This Painting is:

"Dear Life,

Your awesome, Thank You For Miracles.

And so it is. "


  1. At last someone who doodle as extensivly as I do...wonderfull I love the serenity in this ladys face...

  2. How much you want for her? She speaks to me...

  3. Nathalie! The doodles are a present :) no charge. Jessica Doody got this one. I'll put you on the list, and send you your doodle soon.