Saturday, October 6, 2012

Magic Step 23: The First Peep.

This is awesome. I had two people simultaneously write in to me and asked "How Do I IMPROVE My Relationship?"

It's so sweet! Ya'all made my day. Thank you so much for reading my blog and writing in! BIG HUGS!

To answer your questions mysterious readers, you start by taking care of the first peep.

No, no, not peep at someone peep, person peep.

The first person in any relationship, be it Parent-Child, Husband-Wife, Wife-Wife, Husband-Husband, Human-human, Human-Pet, Human-Wild Animal, Human-Cockroach, get the actually YOU.

You are the key.

My beloved mentor Dehyana would tell me, "You are the Sun, everyone are your sunbeams, you are a sunbeam from a bigger Sun."

My dear friend Corny would say, "I'd rather teach someone to understand themselves rather than teach a relationship workshop. If they understand themselves they will understand their partners."

Now these two peeps are not crazy.

Reason being, they are telling you how nature functions.

You see, what I learnt so far is this, your relationship is a game of Mirroring.

If you are the Sun, and your "relationship" is the sunbeam.

What are you ultimately dealing with?

That's a cool question to ponder.

My answer is...

You are dealing with parts of you, that reflected outside, kinda like how a prism reveals a rainbow.

Your world reveals the light inside of you, as well as the "shadow", just friendly parts of you that forgot to laugh and play.

You loose light and become gloomy when you believe something that is not true or fearful.

It's not a bad thing.

It's just the universe saying, "Yo! You forgot to laugh!"

Every now and then someone a lover or a foe will show up to show you what is going on inside of you.

Offer that part of you some care and play.

Offer you some care and play.

Offer care and play.

care and play.


Watch how when you smile, the other person smiles.

Watch how when you yawn, the other person yawns.

Watch how when your a sour puss, the other person becomes sour.

So...who are you loving really?

So... what do you want from the other person really?

So...who are they?

So...what do you want from them?

They are just being them.

You are just looking at your sun beams.

Do you really really know who is in front of you?

If you are so busy being afraid, upset, angry, lonely, pissed off, jaded, betrayed inside, can you recognize who is in front of you?

I have a client, who has super strict parents. Whom have ideas how life should be. Whom have ideas of what they want him to be. Whom have ideas how he "should act". Whom have IDEAS. Ultimately that's all they see.

Unfortunately they never met their Sun.

They met an idea.

We have lots of ideas.

Imagine the light patterns or a lack of that would create.

If you really want to start improving your relationships.

If you really want to know the soul who is infront of you.

Notice your ideas and see what lense they create.

What feels good and what doesn't.

Make a choice.

That's my funky answer to your question mysterious reader.

It's what I have came to understand.

What is yours?

That's a fun game for you to find out :)

My friend Donna Reed played with the amazing Koelle Simpson, and her band of amazing horses. This video might show you some relationship magic.

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