Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Magic Person Love: Chris Spaight Babcock

I love Chris!

Chris is my coaching buddy in the Martha Beck Inc coach training. I was super lucky to have her as a buddy. In her own words Chris Laughs a lot and swears like a sailor.

She's super fun! I deeply appreciate our time together when we practice coaching on one another.

I get to be me when we are working together and I never feel judged.

In fact Chris has a razor sharp coach intuition that cut through a lot of my own mental fog of mind crack!

She can help you see who you really are, ask daring questions, and explore new places of your mind!

She really lives up to what she says she does.

"I help people become who they really are..."

 So if you need some coach magic from her check her out!

You can check this magic person out at her website:


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