Thursday, May 31, 2012

Magic Step 9: Reviewing Stories Pt1.

Now that you are skilled in hearing your own mental monologue, it's time to take your noticing skills to the next level.

Many crazy self help books invite you to write your own story.

They say write down the story that you tell yourself often, and then change it.

They say the story in your head is an important contributer to your life.

Guess what, they are right.

But less jazz the usual exercise with some creativity and magic by playing with some more creative writing.

Use Fairy Tales.


Yes Fairy Tales.

Fairy Tales have a strong psychological value to all of us. Stories bond us. Stories also form us. Everyone has been told a story one way or another, but and older caretaker, wise person.

As a kid I remember that fairy tales like Enid Blyton, allowed me to open portals of my imagination to travel to worlds and possibilities that I have never experienced.

Though I m sure my male cousins will say they send u straight to the mandibles of sissydom, emasculating me to the depths of the flower powerism.

Anyway back to stepping up to a truer you.

Start writing a small fairy tale.

Feel absolutely free to doodle.

Use a small notepad that you can carry with you.

Free flow write about a character, in any place you like with any characters.

Use your own life as inspiration.

Write however way you want.

Keep it to you only.

Notice. Notice. Notice.

Notice what blocks your character in finding a happily ever after.

Are happily ever afters constant?

Well that's for you to explore.

Tap into your character for inspiration on how you can change your own life.

What tools would you give your character to ready their daring escape from a life of sorrow.

What happens when you do this or that?

If anything you get to raise the inner child in genius, by applying ideas beforehand.

If anything, you can begin to discover parts of you that were hidden.

If anything you can discover a positive character that your character has that you can build.

You might say "That's silly, its imaginary!"

I'd say "It came from you, all things started with a thought."

Peter H. Reynold's take on fairy tales.

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