Monday, May 28, 2012

Magic Recipe 2: Sexy Choc Smoothie

I had a mega flu yesterday, I haven't been making smoothies to take care of my body.

In my groggy state this morning I shaved a pear and mixed it up with some purple barley.

But I didn't want it to taste healthy I jazzed it up.

Goodies List:
1 Pear
3 Scoops of Purple Barley (You can sub this with Oat milk, Nut Milk, Rice Milk)
1/4 cup of Dates
3 Scoops of Cocoa Powder

Place em' all in a blender and blend. Remember to shave your pear and de-seed. Remember to use seedless dates.

This recipe is protein, fibre, and antioxidant packed.

It has no sugar.

I drank it at 8.45am, it's 11am now...and my body is still buzzing and humming with joy.

The way the chocolate taste tickles your belly and hums to your body, invites that sexy vibe to stay in your body.

It's the perfect way to start your day.

If you steal this recipe and publish it without referencing me, I will cut you.

It's a picture of a blueberry apple smoothie I made. Pretend its chocolate. LOL

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