Friday, May 18, 2012

Magic Person Love: Dehyana

I love Dehyana. She is my mentor, my spirtual mama, my teacher.

Here's some info about her taken from her website

"Dehyana devotes her life to being a Minister for God by Anchoring the Light wherever she goes. She teaches that each of us is here to represent the light by upholding the Highest Truth, to be a light in darkness, and to stand in peace even in the midst of a storm.

She reminds us that God’s hand is in everything and that there is a divine plan unfolding for each of our lives, even if we cannot see it.

She inspires everyone to administer to all of humanity love and compassion, and to seek to understand and acknowledge that each of us is a direct emanation from the Mind of God and therefore has a reason for being.

No matter what our paths may be, Dehyana teaches that we are all one and reminds us always to believe in the power of Almighty God as the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent force that animates the entire cosmos.

Dehyana has a unique gift of Mothering every person she is with, and works tirelessly teaching each one of her students to live from the inside out.

Her workshops are soul stirring and thought provoking as she is always guiding you to reach your highest potential.

Her non-stop pilgrimages to sacred power spots in India, Egypt, Peru and Bali to name a few, initiates each student into the depths of their soul, while connecting the body, mind and spirit.

Dehyana says formal schooling is not important if you wish to join with her as a minister for God and participate in any of her Anchoring the Light Ministry activities.

All you need is the desire to serve."

Everything else comes from the Intelligence of the Heart."

She is awesome, she really lives her profile.

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