Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What is Your Current Mood Glasses?

Bring your mood to life!

Well...into a craft project.

Grab some paper, to do this silly craft game. 

Catch up with your body, by breathing and take the time to feel.

Draw out your funky outline of your Mood Glasses.

Represent your thoughts, the feelings your body, within the outline of the frame.

Get some colored plastic and patch up the colors of your lenses. 

Wear it.

What colors is your world basking in; my awesome friend?

Do you love it?

If you don't, try it with better colored thoughts. 

Experience your world again. 

Get cosy with feeling better, after all its your natural mood sight.

How is it natural you ask?

By virtue of how you are feeling better, safer and warmer.

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