Thursday, December 13, 2012

Goop 7, 8, 9: Surprise!

I can't publish Goop 6 & 7.

They happened strange.

2 people showed up in my spaced and asked for coaching.

Emergency cases that my heart said to do it.

I heard, "Give..."

Recently I discovered that there's such a job called a Graphic/Visual Facilitator.

Something made my marmoset went off.

I did some research.

Found out that there are group of people who doodle and facilitate for a living.

It clicked.


I am still on fire on becoming a graphic facilitator, though I can decipher everything I am reading from the books I bought because of my dyslexia.

But I am getting there, working on it bit by bit.

Ya'all who can read fast, thank the Gods...

Goop 6 & 7 was graphic facilitating doodles to help this surprise folks.

Can't publish it because there are private things on it.

Goop 8 is a wedding card in progress.

Will post that one as soon as we get it printed.

I got more requests, publishing the new list soon.

Yes I am still keeping up :)

Love you.

"Dear Life,

Love you too."

This is Julie Stuart. She is jaw dropping awesome. She is awesome and my heroine.

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