Saturday, December 1, 2012

Going Goop: Update

Hello my awesome tribe!

I am doing so much better now :)

My mind is getting more quiet.

I m getting more peaceful.

I still need to hide out a little, but I am getting there.

The food poisoning stopped after I placed The Midwife up.

The cough is almost disappearing after I finished the second doodle.

I had many beautiful messages and good wishes that came in that I deeply appreciate.

Magic is happening, and it is getting freaky.

Freak awesome.

These are my angels who wrote it for the doodles.

Each time I finish a doodle, I will put your names in a bowl and draw your name.

I'll text you soon.

Jessica Doody is getting The Midwife!

The Magic List

  1. Leslie Caufield Plesac
  2. Susie Shubert
  3. Ali Duffey
  4. Donna Reed
  5. Theresa Waller 
  6. Hooda Soodi
  7. Alexandra Waring
  8. Lauren Russo
  9. Janet Jones
  10. Chris Babcock
  11. Amy Steindler
  12. Blanca Meira
  13. Jessica Doody
  14. Nathalie Betrand
  15. Lim Jo Weng
  16. Adrian Chong
  17. Ben Wong 

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