Monday, May 21, 2012

Magic Step 5: Warning Label of Inner Compass.

Please read warning label before proceeding on your journey, just for fun LOL.

Do not move until you feel the itch of play.

Do not move till you feel completely still and logged onto your genius.

The content of your genius must not be fed to idiots.

Warning: This product can burn stupidity.

Recycled flush water can be used to ward off haters.

Do not eat your parents, siblings, relatives or friends.

Intended our inner way not the highway use.

Batteries included. Recharge with rest and play often.

May irritate assholes.

Caution! Contents Hot!

Use orally.

For healing purposes only.

Not dishwasher safe.

This is not underwear, but wear often.

Remove plastic for authenticity.

Not to be used as an ego-floatation device.

Warning: Misuse may cause injury or death.

Warning: May contain nuts.

Do not light in face.

Do not expose to flame.

Choking hazard: This toy is not for dummies.

Rest when reading is not accurate

Theft of this compass is a crime.

Do not turn upside down.

The warning that I missed was do not turn your compass upside down.

What's yours?

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